At Norwegian Seafood USA, great care is taken to provide only exceptional quality seafood products. In fact, most of your products meet one or more of the following certifications:

When ordering, please advise us of any and all your certification requirements in exact detail. We will make every effort to accommodate our client’s certification needs. 

Farmed Fisth & Seafood

Filière Qualité Carrefour – FQC

  • Quality and traceability
  • Healthy fish stock and environment
  • The working conditions of the employees


GlobalGAP (Good Aquaculture Practice)

GLOBALGAP focuses on:

  • Food safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Health, safety & environment in terms of employees
  • Animal welfare.


Quality Control

The main components are:

1. Management system

2. HACCP system

3. BRC system

4. Operational routines

5. System for dealing with deviations

Working close together with our suppliers and customers enable us to continuously developing the system. The competence and capacity we achive working together with our partners, is priceless. It enables us to choose the right solutions faster, and to better achieve our objectives as a supplier of safe and sustainable seafood.

All customers which require quality certificates will have that attached to the supplied goods/delivery invoice and also sent electronically by e-mail upon interest.